Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Liposuction post-op 2months

As mentioned, i had my liposuction done during end of september. Around 20th September.
Its 21st November. And i've took some pictures of my thighs to share with you guys..

I was told that the result will be even better in another 4months(: 

If you wish to get rid of your elephant thighs. My advice is to get a good cosmetic surgeon. Dr Arthur Tjandra is definitely a good cosmetic surgeon. Those who went to Dr Arthur Tjandra  for surgeries will agreed with what i said. Their website is:

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Liposuction experience with Dr Arthur Tjandra

My lipo experience with Dr Arthur Tjandra 

Anyway, that was my first time getting liposuction (During End of September 2012) . And why did i choose Medan instead of Singapore, Thailand etc.

I believe many girls out there want to get rid of their stubborn fats, and of course, Liposuction is the fastest way to get rid those stubborn fats. So after much contemplation and also researches about Dr Arthur Tjandra from a few forums and also seeing many of his good works from Elixir De Vie Website , i decided to have my very first liposuction there.

There are a few airlines flying to Medan, E.g. Jetstar, Tigerair, Valueair, Silkair.
But i will recommend you guys to take Silkair as you will be able to reach Medan earlier, have your consultation done earlier and finally to the surgery room.

By the way, i flew there alone! There's nothing to be scared or worried, cause the driver will be there to picked you up from the airport and go straight to Elixir De Vie.

Anyway, i shall briefly tell you about Dr Arthur Tjandra's clinic.
Its a three storey building, and its very Big. There are gym room/dance studio, living room, kitchen, and many rooms for patients. And most importantly, the rooms are big and clean. I chose a room with attached toilet, which cost only $60/night.

Had a long and detailed consultation with Dr Arthur Tjandra.
I learnt about different types of liposuctions, such as vaser lipo, traditional liposuction etc.

Dr Arthur Tjandra is using the traditional liposuction method. Btw, you won't be able to find any Cosmetic Surgeon using this traditional liposuction method in Singapore, as it is very time consuming. No doctors in Singapore will be willing to use this method, cause Time is Money. But because Dr Arthur Tjandra only does one surgery/per day, so he has the time, and can focus on/give his attention to that particular patient.

So after the consultation, i was given some pills and injection. Dr Arthur Tjandra took some pictures of me before the operation. Then marked on the areas that needed to lipo, followed by some brown liquid.

Ok, now I'm ready for the operation. I was told to sleep, but I believe I was awake in between the operation and was aware of most of the things that were going on. Dr Arthur Tjandra even sang Singapore National Anthem song during the operation, which was kind of funny. Dr Arthur also told me to use my own phone to take some pictures after one thigh was done.

I wouldn't say its totally painless, but its definitely bearable. 
The whole operation lasted for around 3 hours. 

This is my Before and After pic. 

HUGE Difference isn't it?! 

After the operation, i was transferred to a room beside the operation room for some rest, before the nurses brought me back to my own room for more rest. Dinner arrived at around 7pm. But i was too tired to eat, so after a few mouth of food, i went back to the bed to sleep. 

Dr Arthur Tjandra came to check at around 7+pm and another time around 10pm. To make sure that I'm alright. 
So, people who intend to go alone, dont have worry so much, cause Dr Arthur Tjandra stays in the clinic too. 

Day 2 of my thighs liposuction :
the drainage massage part. (BTW, the massage is FREE
Well.. it was quite painful.. But its worth the pain! 

After massage: 

looks like 'BAO BA ZHANG' right? hahaha!! 

Day3 & Day 4: 
the massage wasn't as painful anymore.. i even went to Sun Plaza alone for some shopping and hair wash.

So far, I am very happy with the results and I'll definitely go back to Dr Arthur Tjandra for my Arms Liposuction, and Abdomen liposuction.

If you guys have any questions you can alway email Jennifer Cotto: 

or if you have some personal questions to ask, you can email Me at: